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Kyu Solutions is built around values which, since its inception, continue to enrich its relationship with its customers, employees and partners. Respect, flexibility, rigor, method and human values are not tools of communication but structuring concepts that we implement and improve every day.
Our strength is our employees who carry the values of the Company. Listening, respect and  trust are privileged in the working relationship with the main objective to guarantee the quality of the customer service.
Kyu's approach is certainly not dogmatic and does not impose a standardised solution, but favors answers that meet the specific needs of our interlocutors

Our DNA is resolutely composed of:

Innovation: Our focus on innovation is permanent in our investment choices, both functional and technological, guided by the priority needs of users. We integrate the best technology and research in our IT solutions.

Openness: Our approach is to deliver open and scalable solutions with lasting quality and guaranteeing freedom of choice for our customers.
Our guideline is to meet the  user's needs int their business, by adapting us to each client specific requirements.

Also our tools built with proprietary components, integrate know the way of free software where it seems relevant.

The stability of Kyu solutions is based on two pillars we reenforce every days:


Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Nederlands in 2017.

Why a registered trademark in each country ?

"On our customers service" YKOOSOFT, registered in each country can offer:

  The establishment of data locally,

  A commercial contact known and recognised. Our sales representatives are not only voices linked to a phone number listed on a website as it is too often the case.

What are the products represented by this brand ?


  The website window of your activity in a customisable solution

  Associated services: possibility of completely modify the design of your website in 1 click, Web Marketing of your company on the site of the trademark, creation of your logo and corporate design.

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Java 9 gets a release date: July 27

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